Advanced analysis of
relationships in the classroom.
Create your test to carry out an interactive online sociological study adapted to your requirements.

What is Kampal Schools?

The increasing complexity of teaching and the presence of social networks and other types of relationships makes the study of how students relate to each other more and more difficult. Here you will find an ONLINE tool THAT WILL HELP AND GUIDE YOU to carry out in-depth studies and visualize the results in a fast and attractive way.

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How does it work?

What does Kampal Schools do?

  • How to access the tool

    To conduct surveys, a person from the centre must request a license for its use. The person can authorize other members of the institution to use it.

  • Tests

    The basic unit of the tool is a survey. It can be completely configured by the user who creates it to analyse all types of data, relationships and skills.

  • Model tests to facilitate your work

    You will have several models to facilitate the work of creating tests that best fit your needs.

  • Easy use for students

    The tests have an attractive format and can be filled in quickly and enjoyably.

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